Microsoft's answer to Google Desktop

Well, you probably have heard of the new MSN Toolbar Suite that is their answer to Google’s desktop search. To install it you need to have IE 5.01 (if you want the popup blocker then IE 5.5+), XP or Win 2000 (with SP4) and Outlook 2000 (or higher) or Outlook Express 6.0 (or higher) if you need to search in emails and half-gig of recommended disk space. Feel free to check out a list of all the features. If you fancy checking it out, then you can download it for free too (its about 4.8 mb). I still have not tried it yet, will give it a spin and upload my findings over the holidays sometime (no time in the short term and no broadband at home). Has anyone else tried it? What have your experiences been?

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