New Laptop Hard Disk and Disk Enclosure

With all the Virtual Machines I have (not all that many really), my external USB 40gb HDD is almost full and its time to buy another one which is a little bigger and faster. My criteria was a 100 gb at least and preferably a 7200 rpm in a 2.5″ factor – which are quite rare these days, but it seems like I found the perfect fit for me. Seagate has their new Momentus 7200 which is a 100 gig HDD, spinning at 7200 rpm and 8mb buffer (you can get the detailed specs here).

But, equally important was the case/enclosure/whatever-you-call-it-in-your-corner, and that is where one of my colleagues pointed me to Avix. This baby, can do a lot, from being a portable DivX player to a powerful car AV Player, and yes also the HDD enclosure I was looking for. If you don’t have the HDD (as in my case), then you can just get the enclosure. Here is the blurb from the site:

AivX is a compact & excellent quality portable DivX player. It gives you freedom to playback all your favorite video and audio files anywhere you go – at home, hotel room, in the office, client office, even on the plane! It supports various video formats such as AVI (DivX 3.x, 4.x, 5.x, XviD), MPG, VOB etc, and surround sound with 5.1ch digital coaxial audio format. A built-in FM Transmitter also makes you enjoy digital movies and music in the car by tuning radio frequency. Besides it can be used as a multimedia player, MP3 player or photo slider on HDTV. AivX also works as a USB 2.0 storage device to backup all your valuable data.

I think I am going to get one of these, does anyone else have one of these, whats the feedback?

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