Interesting Find #16

  1. Crime Mapping for London – cool.
  2. EnvMan – easier way of managing environment variables.
  3. Hit Me Later – snooze your email – pretty cool idea; not sure of privacy related issues though.
  4. SimplyNoise – white noise generator which helps you find the comfort Zen and either work (blocking distractions), aid sleep, soothe migraines, etc.
  5. Pushing the limits of Windows – with 2 TB of RAM running on a 64 proc machine – sweet! I wonder what would the size of Minidump will be on that?
  6. Windows Performance Toolkit (WPT) – allows you to capture and analyse traces and state transitions to help improve the performance of Windows. I personally am quite interesting in making my tablet boot faster.
  7. Cuil – new search engine; though Google might be safe (for now). Not sure how it searches but searching for this blog interestingly does pick it up, but also picks up some obscure links such as my Oxford page.
  8. London Free School – hmm … weird! {via Karan}
  9. AutoCollage 2008 – MSR project which helps celebrate important events and themes. Pick a folder, press a button, and in a few minutes this presents you with a unique memento to print or email to your family and friends.
  10. Moonsus – cool laptop bags – is it good enough to make the wife forget the stupid bags? Wink
  11. Full of Kittens – showing off how to use Silverlight and DeepZoom – if you not sure what you are looking at double click on the image and shift-click to zoom out.
  12. Midori – a componentized non-Windows Microsoft OS; quite interesting reading talking about a asynchronous-only architecture that is built for task concurrency and parallel use of local and distributed resources, with a distributed component-based and data-driven application model, and dynamic management of power and other resources.

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