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Recently google has been all over the news – online, print and television, atleast here in the US; and why not, with their IPO and everything, lot of people are hoping this would kickstart the recovery of the economy. I have been toying with a few other search engines for a few months now. These have also been highlighted in the media recently alongwith the google hype as a potential threat to google. The engines I have been toying with apart from google are:

  • – only for news
  • – try the flash version – very cool
  • – small Australian company that clusters results into concepts, allowing faster decisions and deeper digging with less clicks
  • – applies authority, a new measure of relevance, to deliver authoritative search results. To determine the level of authority associated with a particular site, Teoma employs three proprietary techniques: Refine, Results and Resources

Do you have any “new” ones that you use? If you have not heard of the ones above, give them a spin, each has its own pros and cons. You would need to spend a little time on each using it in your daily tasks to really judge which one works better for what things.

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