VS 2005 C# IDE Enhancements Walk through

If you want to understand the new stuff in the next release of Visual Studio.NET Joe has an article detailing demos that you can plan with. This is a good starting point and covers a lot of areas like:

  • Understanding Code (MDLView) – The first demo is all about how you get up to speed on an existing code base. To emphasise the problem I renamed nearly all the files so they were numbers which brings home the point about not understanding what the code is actually doing.
  • Debugging Code (DebugDemo) – This demo really requires some setup by showing and talking to how information was shown in VS 2003. The main issues with the current display are one, too much information (VS 2003 simply dumps the members of a type in alphabetical order) and two not enough context (e.g. in VS 2003 looking at the list you can’t tell what something is e.g. is it a property, is it public etc?)
  • Writing Code – Writing code has historically been a strong point for Visual Studio and in VS 2005 there are a number of features that make this experience even better.

You can also directly download the powerpoint presentation from the for the TechEd session and the demos themselves.

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