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Pocket C# is port of C# compiler from DotGNU project to Windows CE. DotGNU contains open-source runtime, compiler, tools and many other things to make free cross-platform .NET environment. I took only compiler and several required tools and ported them with some modifications to WinCE platform. This would allow you to develop and build applications using standard .NET CF and C# right on your pocket device. It’s quite easy, you almost don’t need to do anything manually – just write your code and project file and then build it with one tap.

Components are currently “shipping“ are:

  • C# compiler (cscc-cs)
  • IL (intermediate language) assembler (ilasm)
  • Linker (ilalink)
  • Wrapper for these tools (cscc)
  • XML based build tool (csant)
  • Runtime libraries – standard Microsoft .NET CF
  • Sample applications

Currently this is the compiler only, but an IDE has been proposed to make programming easier on this. There have also been son talks for possibly support for J# and VB.NET

You can check out the newsgroups and get more information on the DotGNU.

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