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On a different note than most of my entries here, last weekend I went to an Indian classical music concert by Zakir Hussain and Master Pandit Jasraj and was organized by the Bay Area Performing Arts. The concert was amazing, I have seen Zakir a number of times earlier and as always be was mind blowing. This was the first time though I saw Jasraj and did not know he sang Krishan Bhajans. Though I personally don’t care about the Bhajans but the rags he sang were quite amazing too – especially the ones showing his control over this voice where we went all the way from a very high note to a very flat and dull one (like from a bass). And the special treat were the Jugalbandi’s – one has to attend a Zakir concert just for that – oh what fun! If you find out Zakir is playing in your area I would highly recommend checking it out. If it happens to be the first time you zee Zakir hussain then you are going to be blown away by the whole experience.

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