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Wired news has a story which talks about about bloggers are burning out because of their blogs. For example one blog owner (who is a bartender), whose blog was something more like a jam-packed nightclub than the cosy neighbourhood watering hole that he had originally envisioned. His postings often generated hundreds of comments, each of which he moderated. While they enjoy what they’re doing, many find that keeping up with the pressures to post regularly and to be sharp, witty and incisive is often too much.

Blogging for some is an obvious labour of love, and having a forum that belongs to them and enables them to write whatever they want, and have it seen by throngs of readers, is a very attractive proposition. This is especially true because blogging is a timeless endeavour and one that allows authors to vent about whatever’s on their minds.

Several bloggers that Wired contacted for their story noted that their readers seem to look at their regular, consistent posting patterns as somewhat akin to a sign of physical health. And any break in that pattern is sometimes seen as a cause for alarm. Other bloggers feel that even if their readers aren’t worrying about their health, they’re still expected to be coming up with the next post with little or no delay.

What is your take on this? Why do you blog? If you blog does generate as much traffic what would you feel it would do (or lack there of)?

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