Can A University Ban WiFi Networks?

Techdirt writes on how University of Texas is having WiFi Blues. Can’t they run this on a different frequency and allow their students to run it on a different one? Why does Bush country want to do everything the difficult way and different? 😉

Slashdot is running a story about The University of Texas at Dallas banning independent WiFi networks to avoid interference with the university-run WiFi network. There’s just one (big) problem. The FCC has made it clear that only they have the right to regulate unlicensed spectrum. That was the point of the ruling they made just a few months ago telling airports they can’t stop anyone from setting up WiFi networks within the airport. At the same time, though, this does demonstrate some of the issues with unlicensed spectrum. As great as it’s been for generating massive growth for things like WiFi, interference is still a problem – and one that not enough people have paid attention to.

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