Freeware Utilities you wondered how you lived without?

There are many utilities I have come across over the years – most I used for a bit and moved on because they just did not do the job or were cut out for it or something better came along. A few are very useful from a Developer or Administrator such as Sysinternals. But NirSoft does have a unique collection of freeware utilities that will please to most computer users across the board (a whole bunch with the source code), and range from Password recover utilities to Network Monitoring Utilities,  to Internet related utilities such as TurnFlash – a small utility that allows you to easily disable and enable the Macromedia Flash player component in Internet Explorer – which is a great help now as more and more web sites have close to full-screen advertisements. There is also a collection of links, that have other unique free software such as VNC, Etheral, etc. Check it out and let me know your favourite sites and tools are.

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Amit Bahree

This blog is my personal blog and while it does reflect my experiences in my professional life, this is just my thoughts. Most of the entries are technical though sometimes they can vary from the wacky to even political – however that is quite rare. Quite often, I have been asked what’s up with the “gibberish” and the funny title of the blog? Some people even going the extra step to say that, this is a virus that infected their system (ahem) well. [:D] It actually is quite simple, and if you have still not figured out then check out this link – whats in a name?

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