Can you run the new Google Desktop Search?

I guess you have heard all the flutter on Google’s new Desktop Search that lets you find stuff on your own hard disk and all the articles pointing to its a direct challenge to Microsoft, etc. But the real question is, has it been able to work for you? When I try to install it on one of my computers (this instance is running Windows 2000 Professional SP4, I get the following error:

Google Desktop Search problem
Google Desktop Search is not currently compatible with another program on your system. You will need to uninstall this program if you would like to install Google Desktop Search. The following may help to identify the program:

Different network providers:
WinSock Proxy [udp]
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Firewall Client\wspwsp.dll


Click OK to report this problem to Google, or click cancel to exit without reporting the problem.

So, one would think, kill the Microsoft Firewall Client and then install it and go your merry way, right? Nope, not that fast. After closing that, I still get the same error. Also what is the “I01” in the above message? Is that a error ID?

Also, how many cpu cycles does this actually take? Has someone done a benchmark? The FAQ on perf. does not really answer the question and leaves much more to be desired. Also, what privileges does the process run under? Does it need admin or system privileges? Can I exclude any of the information? Does Google get any of the info? If so, how can I “opt out” of that? Also, does it “dial home” every now and then to get/upload stuff, if so on what ports?

Also, seems like there are a lot of applications that conflict partially with Desktop search (but the question is conflict why):

  • NetLimiter (nl_lsp.dll)
  • Microsoft Firewall Client (wspwsp.dll)
  • webhdll.dll (WebHancer Customer Companion)
  • Panda AntiVirus
  • or newdotnet (QuickSearch Toolbar and Quick!)
  • FilterPak
  • Msx2.dll (computercops)

And then there are apps that just don’t plain work:

  • NOD32 AntiViru
  • mclsp.dll (McAfee Privacy Service)
  • Vetredir.dll (VET Antivirus)
  • aslsp.dll (from Aventail)
  • stplayer.dll
  • Mwtsp.dll (V MicroWorld Escan/Mailscan)
  • farlsp.dll or fbm.dll (Hacker Smacker Firewall)
  • cwhook.dll (ContentWatch Internet Filter)
  • Netdog.dll (V Armor2net personal firewall)
  • Armor2net
  • Mwtsp.dll (escan Monitor)
  • Ndpwsspr.dll
  • Connwsp.dll (Port Magic)
  • Idmmbc.dll (V Internet Download Manager)
  • Inetcntrl.dll (V Bsafe Online Internet Content Filter)
  • Ictload.dll (V Accelenet Internet Accelerator)
  • Pxlsp.dll (ProxyConn)
  • SmartPass

I don’t really have the time at this point to dig through this, but if someone has then let me know or whenever I can take out some time, then will play with this then.

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