Tips and Trips for .NET Compact Framework

Dave and John discuss various aspects of the .NET Compact Framework (CF) where in addition to the list belowthey cover things like the fastest way to splat text onto the screen? ExtTextOut using which you can draw text based on the currently selected font, background color, and text color. You can optionally provide dimensions to be used for clipping, opaquing, or both. It can also draw with a transparent background, which labels in the .NET Compact Framework do not support (just try to put a label over a PictureBox and you’ll see).

  • Tips for making programming in the .NET CF environment easier
  • Tricks for making your Pocket PC-based apps run faster
  • Important .NET CF classes
  • .NET CF windowing issues

If you do development on the CF then this is good article to read up on. As they conclude “Writing applications for the .NET Compact Framework is a wonderful experience. The applications are small enough that shareware developers can once again write something on their own and sell it online to make a little bit of money. But the simplicity and small capacity of mobile devices present new challenges to programmers. Without awesome power, you have awesome responsibility. Strive from the get-go to design code that is fast, tight, and highly, highly disposable.

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