GMail is increasing its space…

I got this via my lovely wife Meenakshi (who still has not bothered to start blogging ;)). Google is further increasing the storage space on Gmail (on the occasion of its 1st birthday) and running something interesting on their website which shows how the space is increasing. They are beginning to roll out their “top secret”Infinity + 1 plan, with the key being the gift that keeps on giving… storage space that is.. :). From last night this has gone up from 1611.47 mb to 1924.88 mb and still counting! They also list out some features such as Fonts, bulleting, colors, highlighting, etc. This makes this even more compelling to use than other options like Yahoo or Spammail… err.. I mean Hotmail.

Here are two screen shots (you can click on them to see the full resolution).

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