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This recent post on slashdot got me thinking again. As you may or may not be aware of I work for Avanade, a leading consulting company – a company to which I am fairly new and still learning about. We a few weeks ago, internally had a interesting debate about what a companies policies should be about letting their employees blog. This gets even more interesting, with all the interest with EntLibs – we built it after all and we would like to help other developers out there. As more and more employees are getting fired about writing work related stuff, what is the solution? Is it writing anonymously? Well I don’t think so. If you did want to write anonymously then write it in a notebook (not a laptop, but the old kind – you know paper and spiral binding and the likes), not online! But, I think your company should encourage blogging, if they don’t, then maybe its time to move on. I was happy to know after the end of our discussion, Avanade did not want to censor what I write, they value the freedom of expression of their employees and also their point of view. So while we have blogs internally, which I don’t know if we are ready to share publicly or setup public blogs like msdn, we don’t have a policy on blogging (yet I suppose). Having said that one must use common sense on blogging, e,g, I won’t blog about any financial  information, or anything about our Assets such as ACA.NET, etc – nothing which is not publicly available on the website, or any customer details, etc. But every now and them you do come across something which falls in a gray area – in such cases it is always safe to err on the side of safety – if you are not sure ask your legal and HR department. So, what is your companies take on blogs? Is there a policy? Are they encouraged like at Avanade or are they ignored completely, in the hopes they go away?

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