Entlib fails to compile in VS.NET 2005 Beta 2 (sort of)

I was playing around with Whidbey (finally), the Beta 2 drop and decided to check out if Entlib compiles. After converting the project (ping me if you need screen shots), there were a whole bunch of errors. Well, in reality not errors but warnings. Since, by default VS.NET 05 treats warnings as errors, the build fails miserably. Once I got around to setting ignore warnings, it did compile, but I have not gotten much further with it yet due to lack of time – more playing around with that this week. But almost all the failures were due to stuff being deprecated in .NET 2.0. I have both the logs – where things were failing and then the one where I ignore the warnings.

BTW, setting ignore errors on each and every project in the solution is painful, if anyone has a better way of doing it then let me know (and no I did not open the project file and parse to change that setting), but that is the only way then I can write a small piece of tool which can do that.

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