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I remember reading about this a little while ago and now ExtremeTech has a review. Ergodex has a fully programmable keyboard called the DX1 Input System. It is a USB peripheral device designed for users to arrange (and rearrange) an assortment of programmable keys anywhere on its 11-inch x 9-inch “DX1 Pad.” The concept is simple: You begin with 25 DX1 keys, place as many of them on the DX1 Pad in any layout you wish, and use the included software to assign functions to each one.

Each key can be assigned its own macro (commands, actions), which can perform a variety of functions: a single key command (“Q”), multi key command (“Hello World,” list of actions), a text block(s) command (inserting any length of text), or program/file/URL commands. Each key communicates with the DX1 pad wirelessly and sticks to the pad firmly through an adhesive, which can be easily removed with a simple twisting motion.

Designed as an alternative to the standard QWERTY keyboard setup, the DX1 creates a window for users to personalize and customize their computer interface. Keys can be easily shuffled around for a customized layout and even act as different commands in different programs to suit your work style. So gamers, for instance, can have a completely personalized setup with keys that can do anything a standard keyboard can do, and then rearrange the keys into a more casual setup when dealing with more common Windows applications. Although not entirely designed to replace the keyboard, the DX1 Input System can make frequently used commands and command sequences simple enough by pressing just one key.

Read the full review here.

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