Excellent free Software – PDFWriter and Internet Radio

These two choices for creating PDF’s and listening to Internet Radio are interesting because they are pretty good at what they do without all the bloatware from some of their competition and equally important – they are free!

If you wanted to create PDF’s for your own personal use, now you can at an amazing price of free! CutePDF is a program which you can use for free for your personal use without any ads, popups, etc. Everyone cannot afford Acrobat Professional (but if you can its worth every penny), but this is pretty cool too.

If you have been fed up with all the bloatware and spyware and popups recently with all the internet radio then check out Screamer Radio – a simple app (which does not even need to be installed – just download it, and run it). It works over all the firewall configurations I have tested it so far. Very clean, simple, fast and a gem of a program if you want to listen to the radio over the internet.

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