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Storage is one thing which is never enough, yes even that terabyte of space you have sitting at home! (You do have that much right?). Anyways, all is not lost. Check out the Silicon Image/Hitachi Storage demo which puts 2.5TB of storage in a tiny package, connected to the system by SATA 2.0 interfaces capable of 300MB/sec transfer rate.

Or how about Sapphire Technologies Blizzard, which is a liquid metal cooled X850 XT using technology developed by Nanocooling. Based on technology developed to cool nuclear reactors, the liquid metal cooler used in the Blizzard is completely sealed and uses a pump with no moving parts. Even if the metal does ever leak out, it’s non-toxic and environmentally safe. It remains to be seen if the new cooling technology enables quieter fans, but it’s certainly the most interesting new tech for cooling to come along in awhile.

Or how about MSI’s Universal Graphics Card which you can use as an AGP card, then flip it over to use it as a PCI Express card. It’s based on the ATI X800 XL chipset. The display connectors are on a second expansion slot connector, so they can be easily re-oriented.

You can check out more interesting things coming out at the Best of Computex.

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