Cisco's XML Device?

Off the top of my head I cannot think of any true value for this (also I am not a System Engineer, so maybe its just that). Cisco is ready to release a new device that hands XML traffic and is supposed to bring “advanced XML security and management capabilities”. Cisco has a new new AON (Application-Oriented Networking) group (*groan*, talk about overusing a terminology) and has partnered with leading middle ware vendors such as SAP and IBM. The device is suppose to add new functions such as XML message parsing, schema validation and digital signature validation.

Now, I am quite skeptical, as businesses evolve and change so does their systems, and yes while there might be some value in doing schema and signature validation, but how easy will it be to update the schema as that evolves? The more one needs to do – the closer we are going to something like a EAI product (BizTalk, Tibco, etc.). Is Cisco changing direction to get into that business?

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