Pretty hefty hardware requirements for Vista

If you have been thinking of getting a new machine or upgrading your existing one, you might want to hold off a bit on that if you can for another few months as it seems like Windows Vista (what was called as Longhorn), will have some pretty hefty hardware requirements – e.g. you would need a AGP with at least 128 mb RAM (preferably 256 mb). If you want to run the 64 bit edition, then as the smallest memory chunk that a program can allocate increases, the overall memory usage also goes up, which means you need double the memory of 32 bit. So if you are using 1 gb for 32 bit, you need to get 2 gb for the same load for 64 bit. For most geeks these requirements is not an issue, but what of your average joe who cannot afford these or even understands what it means?

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