Getting old versions of Java JDK

Meenakshi wanted an old version of a JDK, and it was quite interesting to try and find an old version at Sun’s site, they don’t plainly display a link – one would suspect that it should be somewhere on the download page itself, but if only things were made using common sense. E.g. Meenakshi wanted to get J2SE 1.4.2_05 (not very old from the current shipping which is 1.4.2_09), try googling it and you will see what I mean. Of course, if Sun had gotten it right in the first place, where every minor upgrade does not break everything in the older versions (even point upgrades for the most part), this would not be an issue to begin with. Like I said, if only common sense was so common.

Anyways, in case you do want to get any older versions I did find a link for downloading old versions from Sun – its at

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