Everyone OK in Delhi

Both Meenakshi’s and my parents and everyone else in the family is OK in Delhi after the blasts. Also been calling around and asking and of all the people I can get in touch with from the extended family to friends, as far as I know everyone is fine.

VS.NET 2005 + .NET 2.0 Ships!

At long last VS.NET 2005 (code named Whidbey) and .NET 2.0 are shipped! You can download them from MSDN, and don’t really need to wait till Nov 7th (the official launch date). w00t! :o)

Google's Database

I guess it was eventually meant to happen, Google has a database coming out soon called Google Base (which will be available at http://base.google.com), and their intent is if it can be posted online in any fashion then use their database. And all that information will be available through searches and can be integrated with google maps. Seems more revenue for them, and also they seem to be targeting the likey of eBay and Craigslist. You can read up an interesting post at arstechnica on the subject.

Top 10 Replies from Developer when code does not work

Meenakshi forwarded me the post from C Enrique Ortiz, who has a very funny and true, a Developer’s Top 10 replies when code doesn’t work. 🙂

My personal favorites are number 6 and 2.

Curry and Rice Girl

Thanks to Rohit for pointing this out, but the Curry and Rice girl is a riot! If you are not Indian (or of Indian background) or don’t have any Indian friends or spouses or boyfriends/girlfriends, you might not get the context. Make sure the volume on your speakers are turned on high! 🙂

XP SP3 – Fake

Seems like Microsoft has said, the XP SP3 bits going around are fake as it is not sp3; not sure who to believe, in any case you should not be updating any “real” machine you use and depend on.

Google Reader

Avi pointed out this one to me. Google has a rss reader called Google Reader which to me seems quite similar to Bloglines, why I would use one over the other is not clear to me.

XP SP3 Details

HotFix has a list of some of the things that are going to be included in XP SP3; PC World also talks about it.