VMware Player 1.0 is released

Now this is something cool that almost everyone will find very handy. If you are a developer, engineer, architect or just an enthusiast and want to play around with a few different configurations, the best way to do that is using a Virtual Machine. So if you got a hold of some beta’s or demo VM and to use it till now you had to have a licence for something along the lines of Virtual PC or VMWare Workstation. Not any more! With VMware Player, you can “play” (i.e. run) those virtual machines without buying a licence. You cannot create virtual machines using this, but you can open them and run them – perfect for the handsouts from the PDC you have been attending. Not to mention, VMware can also read your Virtual PC images, how sweet it that? So, whats your excuse for not getting this? If you are interested you can compare the various versions here and see how they stack up.

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