Windows Embedded Source Tools for Bluetooth

This is not new, but I recently stumbled on it. If you are developing or wanting to develop for bluetooth developing for Bluetooth technology (exposing Bluetooth services, enumerating devices or services, and connecting to services) the Windows Embedded Source Tools for Bluetooth Technology program provides a Win32 API Wrapper that developers can expose in Visual Studio .NET or the .NET Compact Framework. The class library wrapper provided helps make development for Bluetooth Technology faster and easier by reducing the lines of code necessary to develop for Bluetooth Technology from hundreds to just a few and the components include:

  • Classes to create Bluetooth services
  • Classes to enumerate Bluetooth devices
  • Classes to connect to an existing Bluetooth device or service

The source code is also available for free, and there is a wiki where you can get some help. Of course, there are licence restrictions that you need to agree to.

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