Belkin Pre-N Wireless Router Rocks!

Well it has been a week+ and the Belkin Pre-N Wireless Router I got has been humming away merrily, no issues so far – zilch, nada, nothing, null, unlike the Linksys piece-of-crap-good-for-nothing-junk! Awesome! Have been very happy. I would highly recommend it. The first thing I did was update the firmware (it also has an auto-update feature, but more on that some other time). And once it was configured and up and running, did not need anything else.

I cannot comment on the speed or the range, because I live in a flat, and the area is not wide enough for me to test. The only thing I can say is, earlier I would get a signal strength of 4/5 and now I get 5/5, and as you can see that is a very scientific observation ;). From a speed point of view, again all the device I use to connect to this use 802.11g, and work like a dream. Don’t have any Pre-N wifi cards (and don’t plan to get any in the near future), so again cannot comment on that.

A few of you have requested screen shots of its admin pages, will be doing that over the next few days and uploading here. Ping me if you have any questions on this.

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