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I currently have two small NAS’s – Ximeta’s NetDisk (120 GB) which have been running well without any issues (except a little slowly when there is a lot of traffic), but I am getting close to exhausting that space and was looking for something beefier. A couple of options that do seem very promising. One is the Buffalo Tera Station, which while I know a few people have used this and are happy with it, my issue being I cannot upgrade the drives as easily. This is where Infrant’s ReadyNAS NV comes in the picture. Not only can this support 2 TB of data, but the drives are hot-swappable, how sweet is that. PC Mag also has a good review of the product. The built-in OS which controls this is called RAIDiator and if you read the features, it does seem quite capable.

I still have some “toy money” left from this years budget at Avanade and might get one of these. Anyone out there got any feedback based on their need?

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