Google Map Mashups (UK Specific)

There is an excellent selection of google mash ups in the Part 1 and Part 2 at google map mania. Below is an excerpt for some of those are listed (but make sure to check those links for the complete list).

  • Nearby – is a site with heaps of UK (and Ireland) location based information. They have taken this information and created a customisable mashup application with a huge list of on-demand information layers you can overlay from various UK sites. Example site-feeds include info from, and to name a few.
  • BlueGhost features Weather, traffic and rail info – BlueGhost UK Info was born out of the BBC Backstage Project and features real-time various information overlays for the UK on Google Maps. Toggle national weather, traffic and rail alerts on the Google Map. Interestingly, this is the first mashup code I’ve seen making use of the new zooming feature recently added by the Google Maps team.
  • Green Brighton – vegetarian and vegan restaurants, organic veg boxes, recycling centres, permaculture gardens and meditation classes.
  • London Hotels Mapped by Tube Station – plots the locations of hotels close to all tube stations in London. Search by station or specific hotel name and results get plotted on a Google Map. Each hotel in the list shows how far it is from the closest tube station.
  • UK Handbag Theft Map – (Only works on IE)
  • Crawl Planner
  • Petrol Prices – Be careful, as you might end up spending more money driving to the petrol pump rather than saving any.
  • Tourist Maps – quite handy if you get oodles of people visiting like we have been. Smile
  • UK Speed Cams
  • Tap Water Quality for fish tanks (if you think something is fishy) Big Smile
  • Monopoly Pub Crawl
  • UK Classifieds + Google Maps
  • EventSites – UK Web 2.0 site employing Google Maps
  • Old London Town – Crime/History Map

Make sure you don’t open too many of these in various tabs of your browser (especially if you are using IE 7 Beta 3), it will slow down your system significantly. If you are using IE 7 Beta, opening them at the same time might even cause IE to crash (as I experienced).

[Update] – fixed a few broken/missing links.

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