.NET 3.0 RTM?

NeoSmart highlights about the fact that there is a possibility that .NET 3.0 might RTM in a couple of months. What would this mean? Well a couple of things. One, hopefully MS has gotten their act together and stop making huge breaking changes in every public drop. While I understand that every CTP is still early in beta and with the nature of these things there will be changes, but you should see the number of breaking changes that are being made so late in the game. And the changes are not small, but classes, methods, parameters, etc. being changed, moved, renamed, etc. Which makes all this quite irritating – and it seems quite similar to experiences shared with a few other colleagues of mine had with VSTS and Team Foundation Server. And two, hopefully there would be documentation! Currently, one of the chapters for the WCF book I am writing is on Peer-2–Peer networking and there is almost no information publicly available! Which as you can imagine makes life a bit interesting, though reflector is your friend in such situations. Wink

So, lets ignore the .NET 3.0 naming stupidity, and keep our fingers crossed that they get this right – though I am very skeptical.

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