Where to find addons for IE?

I came across ieaddons.com via the IE team’s official blog and till then had not heard of it. I have been using IE 7 Beta 3, and despite my original issues with it, I do seem to like it – Firefox is still my primary browser though. Speaking of IE, there are a  few things that I do like which I wish is going to be in Firefox. One of them, when opening a new tab it open right next to the active one, instead of opening all the way in the end – which helps a lot when doing the research. Also I like the clean and smaller look of the toolbar – giving me more real estate for the web pages. One of the things I don’t like though is the Find functionality in a page. I don’t like the window which shows up, I personally prefer the way Firefox does it at the bottom of the page and finding as I type and also the option to highlight all the words on the page.

A coupe of things to point out about ieaddons – that is owned by Microsoft and I have not downloaded anything from there. I do see a lot of add ons that one needs to pay for – many of which are already free in Firefox, so I am not quite convinced on how effective it is.

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