How to install OneNote Mobile Beta 2?

I finally got my new phone on Friday. Although I only have had it for the weekend, the little I have used and played it thus far, I love it. And it only hung twice since – which is a *huge* improvement compared to my earlier experience with a phone running the Windows Mobile.

I was wanting to install OneNote Mobile (after hearing a lot of good reviews for it) and it is a little different from the usual process. I was going to install the OneNote Mobile that is part of Office 2007 (Beta 2). Once you install the application on your computer, it is from within that you install to the mobile device (using ActiveSync of course). Essentially there are three steps that you need to do: (i) install OneNote 2007 (Beta 2 in my case) on your computer; (ii) install OneNote Mobile on your device and (iii) setup the sync. between the two.

In case you were wondering how to install this, the instructions that Microsoft provide are:

1. Install OneNote Beta 2

2. Install OneNote Mobile on your device.

  • Open OneNote
  • Cradle your device.  (You do not need to setup a partnership at this point)
  • You may see a bubble that asks if you would like to install OneNote Mobile. You may click this bubble, follow the directions, and proceed to the next section when done.
  • If you do not see a bubble:
  • In OneNote, go to Tools->Options->Other
  • Click on the “Install OneNote Mobile” button.
  • OneNote Mobile should be pushed to your phone thru ActiveSync.
  • Accept the prompt on your device to install OneNote Mobile
  • Disconnect and reconnect your phone

3. Setting up OneNote Mobile to Sync

  • In ActiveSync, select “Standard Partnership” if you haven’t already established one with your device.
  • In the Synchronisation Setting Dialog and/or in Tools -> Options, ensure that the “OneNote Notes” check box is selected.
  • Start synch.
  • If the ActiveSync Window displays “OneNote Mobile Notes” “Connected” in the status window, your installation was successful.
  • Open OneNote and verify that a new notebook called “OneNote Mobile Notes” is present.
  • The notebook should contain a section called “Notes from %partnershipname%”.  This is the section that will contain your notes that are synced to and from the phone.

Thats is and you should be all set.

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