MSDN Webcasts

I alongwith some of my co-authors are going to be hosting a couple of MSDN Webcasts next month – the details for both are listed below.

  1. Webcast 1 – “How to build an SOA application with WCF”
  2. Webcast 2 – “How WCF impacts on Enterprise scale applications”


Interesting way to do advertising – something (which incase you did not know), is something Avanade does not do – it is mostly word of mouth or very targeted marketing to the CxO.

Video: Avanade – Where Microsoft Innovation Meets Unrivaled Insight

MSDN Article – Hosting and Consuming WCF Services

The first of three articles entitled “Hosting and Consuming WCF Services” which is essentially one of the chapters from the book is now published on MSDN at the .NET home page. The article directly can be found via this link. The other two should follow soon. Excellent job guys! Big Smile

Windows Live Writer dead?

After a flurry of activity on Live Writer last year there has not been any movement on Windows Live Writer and seems like it is dead? Anyone got any updates on when (or if) when this will move forward?

Architect Insight presentations available

I had the opportunity to present on .NET 3.0 in the Enterprise at the Architect Insight Conference hosted by Microsoft earlier this month. All the presentations from the conference are available for download and of course including my presentation (13.6 mb).

Networking Features in .NET v3.5

Microsoft has released the March CTP of .NET 3.5 (a.k.a Orcas) and there are many new networking features. Last year as I was doing the research for my book especially on the P2P implementation in WCF it was quite obvious that while that was an excellent start using PeerChannel, there was a lot left to me done (in managed code). This new CTP drop fixes that!

Over the last few months, I have been in touch with some of the guys on the P2P and the System.Net team and I have been very excited seeing what is coming out the door. In addition to improving socket perf. by 70% there is are new managed API’s now for PNRP, People Near Me, managing your mesh, etc. There is also support for URI’s with international characters. All this available in a new namespace – System.Net.PeerToPeer.

You can download the VPC with the SDK; unfortunately only the bits are not available at this point – the only way you can get this is via the VPC.

My only issue is I don’t like this new way from MS of distributing bits – why do I need to download so many gigs just to get a SDK or runtime? I usually have a dedicated playground where I can run most of the stuff natively and do not need the overhead of a VM.

Given VMWare is so much better, I wonder if this Is just one way to push VPC in the market?  Huh?

Google Maps for India

Google Maps have recently update their data and India is one more country they show street level maps for – check it out.