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If you are an avid reader of this blog (who am I kidding) Wink, you would have noticed that for the last couple of days it has been impossible to hit this site. The main reason for that being for the last 2-3 days (where I host this site) have been under a massive DDOS attack. They setup another site outside of their data centers just to provide us (their customers) an update. Of course there is nothing they can do about such attacks and given the circumstances I think they did an excellent job in dealing with it and trying to keep their customers up to date – kudos guys!

Their bandwidth utilization averages about 120 mb, but within 24 hours they went from that to 1 GB which saturated their 1 GB connection to their upstream provider (see graph below). That they say is equivalent to about 667 T1 Lines!

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This blog is my personal blog and while it does reflect my experiences in my professional life, this is just my thoughts. Most of the entries are technical though sometimes they can vary from the wacky to even political – however that is quite rare. Quite often, I have been asked what’s up with the “gibberish” and the funny title of the blog? Some people even going the extra step to say that, this is a virus that infected their system (ahem) well. [:D] It actually is quite simple, and if you have still not figured out then check out this link – whats in a name?

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