Interesting Find #1

I keep stumbling along many interesting finds online (well interesting to me) which I keep storing in OneNote and finally decided to start posting them here under the .link category. These mostly would be for me when I want to get them to a later stage.

Without further adieu, here is the first of many finds:

  1. The Phrase Finder – if you ever wanted to know about Phrases, Idioms and their meanings, origins and popular fallacies then check out the phrase finder. e.g. Vis-à-vis
  2. – wanted to share files with others? Check out which allows you to share any time of information with who and what you share. Read up more here and don't forget to check out the fine print.
  3. JFGI (Just f***ing google it) – need one say any more? Smile
  4. Urban Dictionary – a slang dictionary with your definitions e.g. I recently heard there is something (or someone) called a Neek.

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