Interesting Find #5

  1. SOA in the Real World – Microsoft's eBook for free; alternatively go and buy my book. Wink
  2. Pownce is a way to send messages, files, links, and events to your friends.
  3. Microsoft SkyDrive now open to public beta, giving 500 mb of space; but not sure why you would use that when Mozy gives you unlimited online backup for $5/month (which is about £2.50 / month – cheaper than a cup of Flat White coffee).
  4. F1 Calendar and Track mashup.
  5. Wikimapia – hopefully the name says it all; here is Delhi for example.
  6. Speaking of Delhi, you might also want to do some sightseeing with google maps; for example here is one amazing place called Deolali where I have spend a few years.
  7. External Bit Torrent hard drive – though I won't know why you would need one?
  8. Jotle lets you zoom into various parts of the world and see map points for Wikimapia and Placeopedia.
  9. Not only do we we get to see the final TFS 2008 features list, but P&P guys also release TFS Guide and the first public bits for Rosario are available.
  10. If you ever wanted to run Linux apps in Windows then you need Xming which is a free unlimited X Window server and can run on XP,2003 and Vista.

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