Interesting Find #6

  1. Find editing host files a pain? Then check out HostsMan (v 3.0.45 is just released) which allows you to automatically update, enable/disable, backup, exclusion, etc. host files.
  2. Some old fun programs that we all enjoyed in our time.
  3. Fujitsu announces 1 TB 2.5" HDD's (i.e. for notebooks) – though it might be a little while before they hit the stores and a little longer after that before they are affordable I would guess.
  4. Best in Emerging Technology – very cool! Cool
  5. Did you know there was a hard drive shredder out there, wanna buy one?
  6. Collaboration between people in teams is a "hot" topic these days and to try and solve it there are many solutions out there – one of those being huddle (which I have not used).
  7. But the one that I have used and is quite good is Zoho, and does seem quite promising. I have specifically used the Notebook and Planner. The planner is interesting as well as you can email your page and it will store those emails as content.
  8. Tafiti (which means "to research" in Swahili) is a very cool search experience and essentially showcases Silverlight with Live search behind it – now if only we could switch the search provider to google it would be even sweeter. Smile
  9. fsutil – this is new to me although around for a while. It is a command line utility which can perform many FAT and NTFS related tasks such as managing reparse points, managing sparse files, dismounting a volume, or extending a volume, etc.

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