Vista, User, Apps and Daddy – a complex relationship

Here is how fellow Avanut Wayne describes the "conversation" between Vista and you (the user) when an app. decides to kick the bucket. I particularly like the last one. Big Smile

User: “This thing’s frozen.”
[Tries to close program using various keyboard and mouse actions.]

U: “Yep, totally wasted.”
[Task Manager displays]

U: “Kill this program.”

Computer: “Hey, uh, did you know that this program isn’t really responding?  I think it might be frozen.”

U: “Uh, yeah.  That’s kind of why I told you to kill it.”

C: “So, what do you want me to do about it?”

U: “Kill it already!”

C: “Wait, wait, I think its not responding…”

U: …

C: “Oh, ok, it stopped responding, lets figure out why.”

U: …

C: “Hmm, dunno.  I'm going to tell daddy.”
[Uploads problem report to Microsoft.]

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