The Microsoft “Avalanche”

No, I am not referring to any new codename or product but rather talking about the slew of new products and technologies that are in the works and coming out in the near future from Microsoft. Below is a list of things (in no particular order) which either were just released or in the pipeline.

I wish I could talk more about some of these – maybe after PDC when most of these are out in the public domain and the NDA’s are relaxed – until then all the links are only to material already in the public domain. Smile

  1. Windows Server 2008
  2. Windows Server 2008 R2
  3. SQL Server 2008
  4. Windows “7
  5. Office “14
  6. Visual Studio 2010 (“Rosario”)
  7. Red Dog
  8. Strata
  9. Zurich
  10. Oslo
  11. .NET 4.0
  12. M” and “Quadrant”
  13. Mesh
  14. SQL Server “Kilimanjaro” and Project “Madison”
  15. Dublin
  16. Exchange “14

Sigh, so much to learn/play-with and so little time! Sad

Update: Added #16

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