What is Gaali?

Krodh k samay mukh se nikle ashleel shabd athwa shabdo ka samuh, jinke uchaaran k pashchaat vyakti k hriday ko shanti ka anubhav hota hai 🙂

(Sorry too complicated to translate from Hindi to English)

Google maps on Win 7 phone?

So I am not the biggest fan of MS maps and prefer google maps. Any ideas if this is available instead of the default maps on Win 7 phone, and I don’t mean the web version :).

Windows Mobile 7 Apps?

First post from my brand new Windows Mobile 7 – HTC 7 Pro.

What free apps do you recommend? 🙂

BizTalk 2010

I was wondering what new features of BizTalk 2010 do you like the most? Also are they any must have tools now? I am interested in the following:

  • Automated deployment (of interfaces)
  • Automated testing (regression and functional where possible)
  • Automated configuration management (across various environments – development, various testing, pre-prod and of course prod).
  • Coordination with AppFabric?