Joke of the day

Two strings walk into a bar.
1st string: I’ll have a beerk^xtc3ts08bmd;tidd%ti=lt}to
2nd string: Please forgive my friend. He’s not null terminated.

(credit: Avanade communities)

Greatest moment in a geek’s life!

Greatest moment in a geeks life

Books and Desk

I have been asked a number of times, what books do I have and use. It is a long list and I am too lazy to list them out. So instead here is a photo I had taken about a year ago. Sure there are more books since then on different topics, but this should be good enough to give you a flavour.


Also people asked me about my machines and study at home – and there is a photo for that too. This was in London and not in Bangalore of course. I guess this might mean I need to get to cleaning things more often and probably invest in some cable management solution. 🙂


Automatic eTag Management with WCF Web API Message Handlers

WP7 Mango Speech to Text feature

So I switched on my Bluetooth headset and discovered the Text to Speech feature that Mango has which works brilliantly. On the other hand, the reverse – speech to Text has a few short comings. Here is what was send to the missus when I replied to an SMS using this feature:

Okay calling amusing text to speech not speak to destitute lots of okay bye

And in case you were wondering, no I did not say that – but something quite different.  I guess Mango is still beta 🙂