Testing LaTeX

Can we see the a formula displayed in lovely maths? (and trying a simpler equation, as the last one did not parse properly)

i\hbar\frac{\partial}{\partial t}\left|\Psi(t)\right>=H\left|\Psi(t)\right>

Ohh, looks pretty! Though some LaTeX is being finicky, need to take out time to start posting some stuff here, given this is supported. 🙂

Humans and threading

We,  humans, are multi-threaded by design and can do many things in parallel –  with two exceptions I think. The only two blocking function we have to deal with are sneezing and farting. During these times, all current activity must be suspended for the duration. And of course it can be pretty annoying (or depending on the function, embarrassing).

So next time you check in some code, think about it –  is this smelly and sneezy (yep, that’s a word, now) or have I done the right thing?

What is Love?

#Love is … staying friends throughout a holiday with no WiFi. ????

Z-Wave visualiser?

At home I have a multitude of sensors and devices – ~80 or so which are a combination of water sensors,  motion sensors, door sensors, humidity, temperature, etc.

A good bunch of these are controlled and integrated with Smartthings, and some I can interact with other apps (e.g. Amazon Echo or Philips Hue etc.).

Most are Z-Wave based and some are WiFi. I wanted to know if there are any z-wave visualisers? Essentially software that uses a USB z-wave network device as a node and then can plot what the mesh looks like. Would be awesome to be able to debug the packet hops from the controller to the device.

Any suggestions?

7GB of memory dumps!

Woah! Almost 7 GB of system error mem dumps! Seriously? I understand the value they provide but why do I need to manually go and clean them up. And 7 GB????? Does anyone even read them?