Funny Pictures

DARPA is at it again

From the last time, when DARPA issued the grand challenge, the cameras were there, the million bucks were there (drool), the people were there, the hype were there and the robots were there. So what was missing? Well the Robots followed my example and forgot their “brains” and were half blind and stone dumb! So instead of learning from that and letting the existing teams push on they want to try LAGR. As I say, common sense is not very common!

Visual Basic at the Movies

Quite funny check it out if you got the time. 🙂 If you rate the movie, you can get a FREE copy of Visual Basic.NET


If you have had enough of Clippy, check this out. Not suitable for those with an aversion to profanity!

India's secret army of online ad 'clickers'

Now this probably has to fall in the News of the Weird category, I would probably have fallen asleep, drooling on the computer, which would have caused something to short circuit and then blow up the machine, and eventually get the house on fire. Hence, not work losing your house over this.

About Women…

Ladies reading this (are there any btw), I am just the messenger, so don’t shoot me. Per my dear friend Karan “…the thing about women is that they wont let u die they will keep u alive, in pain and agony, screaming and shouting, but wont let u fall over the edge…. “. He can be flamed here. 😉

Dumb and dumber moments in Technology

The year is just getting started, and that can mean only one thing: It’s time to reflect on the most shameful, dishonest, and just plain stupid tech moments of 2003.