Saving locations in Google Maps

It might not seem like a big deal, and actually if you were not keeping an eye out then quite easy to miss. But now you can save locations with Google Maps. If you are like me and are a heavy user, then this feature has been in the waiting for a while. Check out the link for Saving location on the top right corner when you are in google maps. You will need a google account where your locations are saved.

Google Pages

You have have heard of Google Pages by now; if not check it out. I got a test page published just to see how it looks, it seems simple enough and seems to be a good answer to those who cannot afford some of the fancier solutions like Frontpage, etc. Now if only I could publish pages to somewhere else like my own domain.

Google Extensions for Firefox

More news on Google, they have released two new extensions for Firefox, one is called Google Safe Browsing which detects any phishing and spoofing sites, and the other is for Blogger Web Comments – so you can see what others are saying about the page you are on, and even blog directly to your blog (running on blogger of course).

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Updates to GMail

You might have heard and seen this already, but GMail has has a few updates, now it supports RSS feeds and you can get it on your mobile/cell phone. Check out details here.

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How was Google 10 years ago?

Check out how Google managed things a few years ago. Thanks to Eli for the link. 🙂

Google Transit

While I like the new Google Transit and idea you can use public transport to get from Place A to B including getting very specific like what time to get to a certain place by, currently they have data for only Portland. I think this would have been a much better experiment for a European city like London where public transport exists unlike most US cities!

Google's Database

I guess it was eventually meant to happen, Google has a database coming out soon called Google Base (which will be available at, and their intent is if it can be posted online in any fashion then use their database. And all that information will be available through searches and can be integrated with google maps. Seems more revenue for them, and also they seem to be targeting the likey of eBay and Craigslist. You can read up an interesting post at arstechnica on the subject.

Google Reader

Avi pointed out this one to me. Google has a rss reader called Google Reader which to me seems quite similar to Bloglines, why I would use one over the other is not clear to me.

Google Facelift

Google offers more than a dozen services, but most are hidden. The GoogleX interface makes all of Google’s goodies, such as Gmail, Froogle, Maps, etc, easily accessible and looks like the Mac OS X toolbar. This was originally designed by a Google researcher, but the toolbar disappeared shortly after being posted on the Google Labs site. I have this up on my sandbox – check it out. (originally leeched from Zilos).

Google is using a baseball bat to swat a fly on its own forehead

I love the way the San Jose Mercury News portray the blacklisting of CNet by Google for a year – Google is using a baseball bat to swat a fly on its own forehead.”

All, this happened because of the story Google balances privacy reach published by CNet where one of the reporters found out a lot of private information about Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt including where he lives, his wifes name, how much money he makes, what political fund raisers he contributes to, etc.

This is the same company who supposedly says “Do no Evil”, and bash Microsoft every opportunity they get?

Google on the Moon?

Do you want to see Google on the Moon? Well, check it out.

Google currency now supports currency

Google calculator now supports currency calculations. Want to know what $3.5 are in £’s? Or how about the currency of UK in Indian money? Or how about 5 British pounds in South Korean money? How cool is that?

Google changing their login

Google it seems since yesterday changed their login screen and you need to validate – is there some phishing stuff going on which is why they introduced this? Also I had to clear out my cookie before I could login to gmail, as it did not like it. Check out the screen shot.

Update: Google Web Accelerator downloads

If you recall my previous post, I wanted to get you a quick update since then – seems like Google has stopped this for the time. If you get to the site it tells you the following message: Thank you for your interest in Google Web Accelerator. We have currently reached our maximum capacity of users and are actively working to increase the number of users we can support.

If you still want to download it then you can get it from this link on their site (1.4 mb). If you want it ping me as well and I can get it to you.

Google Ride Finder

Google has a new service called Ride Finder which you can search for taxis, limousines and shuttles and make better decisions by seeing the exact location of vehicles in your area.  Just enter a zip code, the name of a city or even a specific address.  You will get a map showing the companies and where their vehicles are located.

How does it work? As google puts it, Google Ride Finder takes a new approach to helping users find a ride: showing you where the vehicles are.  We work closely with a variety of companies to get this information, then we present it in the form of a map of your area, complete with little balloons (color-coded by company) to represent each vehicle’s up-to-date location. Based on this info, you then just call the provider you’ve chosen to reserve a ride.

There is certainly potential, but since there is no guarantee that the dispatcher would send the closest one to you (assuming there is space on it), there is still lots of work that need to be done here. It sure is another example of the combination of Google Maps and Google Local (another example I talked about was what Paul was doing).

Google Video

Google, today launched a new Video search service called Google Video. You can search for programs using Titles, particular channel, find out show locations in your area, etc. Check out all the features here.

2004 Year-End Google Zeitgeist, Search patterns, trends, and surprises

Based on billions of searches conducted by Google users around the world, the 2004 Year-End Zeitgeist offers a unique perspective on the year’s major events and trends giving you this aggregate look at what people wanted to know more about this year. Check it out.

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Try not to do it again guys. Oh, and thanks for the Gmail accounts

Google’s prime directive remains intact. The Securities and Exchange Commission ruled Thursday that the company’s missteps in not registering millions of options and not keeping quiet during the pre-IPO quiet period were not “evil” but “very naughty.” Practicing semi-tough love, the SEC levied no fine but extracted a solemn promise from Google never to do it again. The company’s general counsel, David Drummond, took the bulk of the wrist-slapping over the failure to register more than $80 million in employee options, a move the SEC said he knew would let Google keep a lot of financial information under wraps. The commission also let slide a big Playboy interview with founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page that appeared during the pre-IPO period in which company execs are supposed to be seen but not heard (see “Google guys to Playboy: They’re real and they’re fabulous … no, our options, you idiots“). Marc Fagel, assistant district administrator of the SEC’s San Francisco office, told the L.A. Times the agency wanted to give Google a public scolding to as a warning to others, but didn’t fine it because the violation did not cost investors money and company executives cooperated with investigators. And investors? Way, way past all of this.

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